Hotel Anachoreo

The creation of a unique boutique hotel


Situated on the edge of civilization overlooking primary rain-forest of Panama, Hotel Anachoreo is renown in the region for its excellence. Hotel Anachoreo began with construction in 2011. It was the first time I took on a project of this size. Along the way I made many mistakes and learned so much.  Many years of hard work with little sleep went into it. It taught me many skills, designing a building, different construction techniques, knowledge of many materials, plumbing, understanding of electrical systems, accounting, dealing with government officials in a strange country, learned Spanish, manage personnel, getting things done. The property includes gardens, reforestation, fruits herb and vegetable gardens, and a small scale coffee plantation. I also organized multi-day guided trips through the jungle and worked several projects on the side assisting expats with setting up businesses and/or residency.


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