Freemont Group

The world of trust and finance is often thought of as stiff and conservative. The reality can be quite different, and I couldn’t wish for a better company to start my career.

Freemont Group is provider of trust and professional corporate services to entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals (consultants, traders, online specialists, digital nomads, artists, sportsmen) from all over the world. By setting up structures Freemont Group reduces the tax burden for business, investment or employment income, as well as inheritance planning & asset protection purposes.

I started at the Freemont Cyprus customer service department in 2006 but moved to client accounting and later on to marketing. What I enjoyed the most while I was there were the unusual (success) stories of businessmen who had chosen to do things differently. Many of them by accident, some by design, they had come up with business ideas that resulted in more customized, fulfilling individualistic lifestyles. My colleagues were also a diverse mix of people from all over the world and we dined and socialized regularly, not limited to Fridays. I got skilled at the computer and learned a trick or two in design, marketing, websites & SEO, finance, international taxation, and writing.

In 2009 I left Cyprus and moved to Panama, but I continued to work for the Freemont Group until the company changed hands in 2017. Operating as an independent consultant in Panama, I provided virtual office services and holding management for clients with Panamanian business interests.