Making the most of your Freelancer income

money wingsThese days internet has spread to the far corners of the globe, and ambitious youngsters from formerly third world countries eagerly take on the opportunities it offers. That means that anyone working online is more than ever competing on a global scale. For entrepreneurs and aforementioned youngsters it is wonderful, but if you are living in a developed, expensive, high tax country it means you will have to be a little more creative. Continue reading “Making the most of your Freelancer income”

5 Reasons not to join Upwork

upwork logoSo you decided to become a freelancer, test the water, make a buck on the side, or perhaps you really want to make it your primary source of income. Now you have several freelance platforms to choose from, and each one requires an investment in time and a little money too. There are thousands of other freelancers on there and writing a good profile, finding your niche and getting good reviews takes a few weeks at minimum.
Which one should you choose?

To make it a little easier, you can forget about Upwork. Here’s why:
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