Free T-shirt design: Sheep your distance

Sheep your distance sample

As highlighted in my previous post, lockdown measures are very harmful to society and do not seem to have much effect to stop the spread of the coronavirus. It is not a choice between the economy and our health. A healthy economy allows us to pay for good healthcare: a large economic crash means thousands of people will die. Both directly from anxiety, overdose and suicide, as well as indirectly: hazards and diseases for which we no longer have the funds to prevent or treat. In poorer countries some people are already starving.

The idea of quarantine is locking up sick people, so that the healthy population can continue to produce food and provide for their families and society at large. Only in Sweden that concept was successfully applied.

Now many power hungry governments are trying to introduce a ‘new normal’ of permanent social distancing. Simple math will tell you that that is impossible to maintain: if you are to keep 1,5 meters distance from other people, you will need at least four times as much public space – everywhere! Classrooms, buses, trains, planes, cinema, restaurants, waiting rooms, et cetera.

Not only is it impossible, it is unnecessary. Now that we have the facts, we know that the coronavirus is not more deadly than other type of flu – for young people it is less deadly than the last major flu epidemic of 2017/18. Only those over 70 and/or those with pre-existing health conditions should take precautions, and can do so on their own accord – the way it is done in Sweden:

People who don’t fall into those categories will simply have to man-up and face facts: life comes with risks, and in the end we all die. Meanwhile, let’s continue our lives without fear!

Tired of hearing the same fear based arguments, I made this T-shirt design, which you can download for free and print for yourself:

Houd 1 schaaplengte afstand

Sheep your distance 2

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