Work Ethic

In our lives, many people tend to limit themselves to a career path set many years ago, even if they no longer desire it. Limits that are set by society and well ingrained in people. I don’t believe in such limitations. We can always change course, start a new business or career, learn new skills, and do so much quicker than what society prescribes if only we put enough effort into it.

In most supply chains, complicated processes have been reduced to a limited number of routines that do not require expert knowledge. As a consequence, 90% of almost any job is ‘monkey see, monkey do’; anyone with reasonable intelligence can learn such basic tasks competently within a month or less. Getting the knowledge and skill to do the more complicated tasks does take time, but it is the most rewarding part of any job.

Knowledge can be obtained by straightforward studying, but few schools & universities really teach problem solving skill; this kind of creative thinking is often not encouraged or even suppressed. Instead, most schools teach a form of bureaucratic thinking. By the time I attended university, I realized these limiting environments are not conductive for learning, but more meant to produce clerks who work in hierarchies. Instead, I choose the real world as my learning environment, set personal goals and meet the challenges that come with them.