Import of consumer electronics to Latin America

My present project, an exciting opportunity to invest in Latin America. A little while ago I came across a very useful and popular electronic device in South East Asia, that would be just as useful in South America. But how do you convince investors and get them on board without spilling the beans? That is my current mission!

Despite globalization, useful household items that are common in one country, can be totally unavailable in another. Oftentimes there are good reasons for that, such as climate and local customs, but once in a while, it just happens to be that no one thought of bringing this useful item to that particular country.

Such opportunities don’t come often, and you have a chance to benefit


Because of the sensitivity of the business it is impossible to publicly go into great detail. What I can disclose is that it is a household electronic device, very popular in South-East Asia, with a retail price between $10 and $20. Almost every household, both rich and poor, has at least one. A comparable device can be found in almost every Latin American household, but it is not nearly as effective. Prospective investors can contact me and download and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement for more information.

Target market

The prime market is Panama, from which it is easily possible to expand into the rest of Latin America. We will only deal with Panamanian retailers large enough to buy and sell by bulk and take care of customs procedures.

Once we have a good partner for the Panamanian market, we set-up shop in the Colón Free Trade Zone, the second largest free zone in the world after Hong Kong. Over 246 multinational companies are located here, exporting their products tax free to all of Latin America:  a market with half a billion consumers. We will do the same.


The product is already being manufactured in China for albeit only suited for 220/230 volts rather than 110/120 volts which is the standard in most of (Latin) America. With the help of my agent (a native Chinese fluent in English and Dutch and experienced in export business) we will arrange with the manufacture the necessary adaptations for the Panamanian market. Once it’s ready I will immediately travel to Panama and sell it. Total time-frame is six months to a year.

The numbers

    • Estimated purchase price per product: $5
    • Estimated number of products that fit one 20ft container: 3,500
    • Price to fill one container @ $5 per product: $17,500
    • Estimated selling price per product: $12.50 (retail $25)
    • Estimated selling price per container: $43,750
    • Cost of shipping one container from China to Panama: $2,000
    • Setting up offshore company: $2,000
    • Development costs: $5,000

Investment & return

Initial investment: $7,500 at 15% annual interest.
Second phase $22,500 bridge loan.

Download the business plan

Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement