Jungle critters

Here are some of the more interesting bugs I come across in my daily activities. Of some I know names, for others I invented them. Since not every critter was willing to pose, the quality of the pictures varies. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them!

Design portfolio

So I am back in Panama and working as a freelance designer/writer/content creator (until I find a good project to work on, or get a new business going.)  Have a look at my work (PDF), perhaps we can help each other.

A special birthday present

When we moved to Portugal this year, my artist girlfriend Yani, coming from a city, was worried that we would find few artists in a small town in Portugal. Over the weeks that followed, I met and talked to a surprising amount of artists from the area, and I decided to turn it into a surprise party. So I organized an art café on the day of Yani’s 30th birthday, and invited everyone who did anything artistic, not just painters and sculptures but also graphic design and embroidery. Unfortunately, Yani got sick shortly before the event and had to return to France. This is the flyer I made for a birthday that never happened:

Flyer Café da Arte

Logo designs

One thing I like is simple beauty, and nowhere is it more important than in logo designs. The main requirement of a logo is that it communicates a clear message. But on top of that I like to create elegant, beautiful and simple logo’s that look good on their own as well. Here are a few examples of some recent designs:

For a logo design I charge €100 – contact me to get started.


One form of art I enjoy is mosaic. Like any art you learn by doing it and because the results are very visible, it is immensely satisfying. Recently I volunteered through a website called workaway.info , where you can find all kinds of projects to join in exchange for a place to stay and a fulfilling experience like the one below: